I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.

— Thomas Edison

Here we catalog both writings on different projects which I'm pursuing as well as projects whose purpose is to give an overview of different topics which are relevant to the progression of technology, society, and civilization. To gain an understanding of why these topics are important to us, read The Way Forward and the Applications section in the codex. These articles provide both an high level view as well as a perspective of how technology can be applied to different industries, sectors, and domains.

Interface Engine

In order to properly interact with simulations in a digital world, an engine is required as a foundation. These game engines have expanded beyond the domain of games and are utilized everywhere. The goal of this engine is to build a solid and extensible engine which can be used for simulation and sandbox games.

Programming Language

Languages and the machines which run them form the foundations of computability. Their definitions shape everything which is built upon them and the syntax used to define programs influence the habits and shape of the programs. It is an interesting domain which still has much potential as technology advances. In this project, we will iterate on a virutal machine and create a parallel programming language.

Data Pipeline

Modern systems utilize large amounts of data to provide insights. This is driven by the mass amount of devices which can generate and upload data points. In order to be able to manage and run algorithms against these datasets, we must take a structured approach. Here we look at existing solutions and their strengths and weaknesses.