I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.

— Thomas Edison

Here we catalog both writings on different projects which I'm pursuing as well as projects whose purpose is to give an overview of different topics which are relevant to the topics at hand.


This is an ongoing project exploring how we can utilize simulation, machine learning, and computation to improve governance in general. The reproducible and objective nature of computation in conjunction with it's ability to collaborate across networks makes it a good candidate for the infrastructure of a fairer and more prudent and inclusive form of government.


Calibration is a space simulation MMOG in the style of Eve Online. It's both a vision in itself and a good test-bed for implementing and iterating on the software around a large scale simulation. Eve was chosen as a parity target due to its sandbox nature as well as it's reputation for creating culminating events resulting from the emergent complexity of its base systems. There are many stories of these online and many players forge their own stories. Wingspan TT does a good job documenting their journeys down this rabbit hole.

Implementing this is a long journey from both a technical standpoint as well as an execution standpoint. This section overlaps with the "On" top overview series below.

On Technology

More making things work, computing is primarily about a way of thinking. Through reducing an function or understanding to instructions that can be carried out by something as deterministic as a computer. We must build the layers of emergent complexity and model the problem space correctly.

If you want to master something, teach it. A great way to learn is to teach.

— Richard Feynman

On Gamification

The other area of interest is the human side. As the predominant part of the economic system, it is necessary to get a greater understanding into how we work both as individuals and as part of larger groups. Compared to other animals, our defining feature lies in our ability to work in large groups. This not only lies in our ability to talk and communicate, but also the abstract structures which exist to enable large scale cooperation, even if that cooperation sometimes manifests itself as competition.