This is a social-economic framework built on the core idea of making what is good for the world also profitable. In order to achieve this, we take inspiration from natural systems and our own brain's decision making processes. We take in information from the world around us, try to create models which match this data, use those models to play our possible future outcomes, and then align our actions to the best course of action available. In order to do this well, we must be able to properly balance our investments in different areas in spite of popular panics and movements.

Whenever there is a success, we try to find the factors which have caused it, the things that we have done right that have lead to this point. We aim to extend this concept to the greater world, devising an economic system which recognizes not only the individuals who contributed to our successes but also the system which have promoted it - systems including educational, social stability, environments, conceptual, and otherwise. We must recognize that when there is a great accomplishment, there are so many involved in the creation of the people and organizations which have achieved that accomplishment. And in turn, many that have contributed to those contributors. If we fail to recognize and support these contributors, we fail humanity's future. For if one is rewarded for their contributions, that lasts only their lifetime, but if we invest in everything that has contributed the success, we invest in a society which will be able to create more individuals and societies which enable more successes.