The path of life is to create larger cooperative systems working in symphony. These larger systems must enable collective action to overcome the large activation energies required to implement projects that better fulfill the needs of its components that individual groups could not accomplish on their own. To do so, they ease the cost of cooperation by incentivizing smaller actions that would not pay off on their own.

From the joining of amino acids and other organic compounds that enabled creation of single celled organisms, we progressed to communities of these organisms forming biofilms and collective symbiotic communities. Eventually with better chemical signaling, the birth of multicellular organisms prospered. The sluggishness of communication and organization solely through chemical signaling represented a barrier for the complexity that these organisms could achieve until electrical signaling came into existence. With neurons, organisms exploded in size and complexity.

For humanity, the advent of the internet and its corresponding communication systems parallels the development of nervous systems in these organisms. Suddenly we are able to communicate across great distances at lightning speeds enabling us to plan, collaborate, and execute as an unparalleled scale and agility.

For organisms, the next step is to develop the systems that could interpret, organize, plan, and execute the massive amounts of data traveling through these electrical systems. We are currently at the infancy of this stage at the human scale. Artificial intelligence and machine learning show sparks of this potential and computing exists to support this leap.


  • Long term global perspective.
  • Working towards creating a net positive impact.
  • Zero to one mentality. Create the technologies that are critically needed but also haven’t been possible until now.
  • Privilege - those that are given the opportunity to learn and live without want should take up the responsibility of being able to work on the problems at a scale and time span that others cannot.