When we look down at the world from outer space, we see one world without boundaries. This is the only world that we can currently call home. Our fate is tied together to every other living thing on the planet. We will either survive and thrive together or perish together.

From this vantage point, it makes sense that we should work together towards a better future together. Together, we share a limited amount of resources which, if used wisely, can be used to create a better future for humanity and life itself.

Global Intelligence

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The hard part is understanding the ends to which we should apply that ability. In the media, we have been talking about the great potential of artificial intelligence and the possible dangers that come with it. It is wise to keep in mind that similar views have been shared with every great leap in the evolution of technology. Everything from fire, planes, nuclear energy, explosives, the internet, and media all have the potential for both great good and great distraction. It then becomes our prerogative to steer these technologies in the right direction.

The theory of evolution would dictate that how well we do that will dictate our survival or demise. If we do poorly, we could very easily do large amounts of damage to the planet and our species. But in the grand scheme of life, even if we set ourselves back tens of thousands of years, that is but a spec.

Collaborative Systems

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