Gender in Work & Love in America

In recent decades, gender equality has been a very politicized topic. With much at stake for many people, it can become hard to separate the evidence from the interests. Many people have taken to different sides because it supports the frustrations they have experienced or needs that they currently have. This has been a topic I have long found fascinating not only because as a person, it is one that I must participate in, but also because for a society work and dating are two of the major points where others can so strongly give feedback in order to change an individual's behavior.

  • Gender dynamics is a complex problem to which there are no blanket explanations.
  • Just because there are frustrations in certain areas for a certain gender does not necessarily mean that it is disadvantageous.
  • Understanding the other side is part of learning, empathy is a human ability and not being of a particular group does not mean that you cannot understand their plight.
  • You are not entitled to your view. Just become something is inconvenient to you than other people around you is not grounds that it is oppression.
  • Stereotyping is often rooted in truth, but announcing that a specific stereotype is wrong, you are imposing a burden on the entire of society.
  • There are studies which show that in more egalitarian

Nature vs Nuture

The early 2000s saw a flurry of changes in the dating scene. In America, the pickup artist movement was growing and online dating was on its way to hit the mainstream. Social media was still growing and slowly but steadily was changing our social behaviors on the societal scale.

Interwoven Fates

The Economic Perspective

While there have been great strides made and the intent behind most of the efforts are well meaning, I believe that the approach is shortsighted. While to fight for equal pay for equal work continues, we are missing out on one of the largest areas. This is the fact that raising children and raising them well is both hard work and productive work which will eventually contribute to society. Therefore it the investment should be compensated and by the institutions which will benefit at the scale and timespan of that investment - in short, governments should compensate unpaid work, especially around raising children through taxes.

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