This is the definitive compendium of the relevant topics necessary to understand and to build a better world. These topics have a few motivations. The first is to understand the world around us and why things are the way they are. We want to add to the existing compendium of knowledge by focusing on the interconnectivity of different domains as they work together to describe the same reality. This understanding extends to both human systems as well as natural systems. The second is to understand the mechanisms of which we can control and to understand how they work and how they can be utilized in order to create different outcomes. And last, we want to understand how we can utilize the out understand of the world in order to plan out how to best utilize the mechanisms which we control in order to create a better world.


Technology is the application of knowledge for practical purposes. Technology here is used to address the major social problems facing humanity with a special interest in technologies that are on the verge of moving from theory to reality.

In order to effectively develop solutions, we must have a clear understanding of the problems that we face. If we have an incomplete understanding of the problems or if we weigh them improperly, the solutions that are developed have a potential to be misguided and worsen some existing problems or create new problems.


To better understand the world and divide work, we have separated the body of humanity’s understanding of the world into different disciplines. This allows individuals to learn and contribute as part of the whole without being burdened or overwhelmed by the burden of the entirety of human knowledge. However, in order to build an integrated system, we must be understand each of these disciplines and how they are intertwined with others. It is important to remember that ultimately, each discipline is just a different perspective for understanding same reality.


Like the organs in the human body, systems work better when they are separated and specialized. For humanity, this exists in the form of economic sectors. Each one provides a specific task to the others and to us as individuals. Together, they form the machinery of humanity. Unfortunately, without a higher level understanding, companies in different sectors fail to do the most important work. And to move forward, we must understand each sector’s function and their relationship with the other sectors.


Beyond human activity, we are governed by many natural systems which often work on a much larger but slower scale. These systems are immense which means although they work slow, they have substantial impact on life and they are hard to change course. Since these systems are lumbering giants, it is critical that we identify issues early and address them as soon as we can because their course can be so hard and take so long to change.